Eric and Lara - my kids

Eric and Lara - my kids
Eric and Lara

01 January 2011

Lion Park

Right today, the first of 2011, we thought we'd take the kids to the Lion Park, whilst they might find it a little boring I'm sure there will be enough to keep them occupied. Well that certainly proved to be true .........
And of course it would be great to get some photos.
Lara, with Geoff the Giraffe
The lion cubs, this was great as the kids got to "cuddle" them, in between nips
Go on flick me with your tail again, I dare you!!
Zebra Crossing - apologies but I had to do that
And then we entered the lion area, and received a warm welcome .....
Hello, welcome to the Lion Den, let me introduce my mates .......
Wanna play ???
Paws prints on the side door, and yes those are the kids in the back. They don't teach that at school.

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