Eric and Lara - my kids

Eric and Lara - my kids
Eric and Lara

14 April 2011

Fire down the road

On Wednesday around 7pm our house became engulfed in smoke, thinking it was our wendy house I ran out. The smoke was really thick already, not the wendy house, I headed down the road, still loads of smoke but unclear where it was coming from. Then there were flames, at first I thought it was a tree in a currently vacant house in our road but it soon became apparent that it was the house behind that. It's was a thatch house and it's really scary how fast the fire spread (especially also staying in a thatch house). The first pictures are about 20 minutes after it started.

Fortunately the family were able to get out safely and our thoughts go out to them. Apparently it was caused by a electrical fault, so let that serve as a warning to all of us.

The fire brigade and police did a great job and were really quick to respond which probably spared other houses from catching alight.

Thanks to our neighbours (and everyone) who all helped spraying our roof, to prevent it from catching alight.

Photo taken by friends down the road, from their driveway

The police and Fire Brigade were really quick to respond, kudos to them.

Taking a well deserved breather.

Job done for now, after over two hours the fire was still flaring up.

Fortunately not as dramatic as it looks, just a slow shutter speed

One way to get off the roof
Attending to another fire which started from the burning embers

12 hours later

The remains

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