Eric and Lara - my kids

Eric and Lara - my kids
Eric and Lara

20 November 2010

Michelle and Phil - finally tie the knot

Michelle and Phillip finally tied the knot after many years. However it proved to be well worth the wait as their wedding was stunning. I guess the advantage of waiting a while (and I use the term loosely as I believe it was over ten year in this case) is that you really know who you want to have at your wedding. I'm sure you will agree from the pictures below, everyone had a great time!

Phil and Michelle, so to be Mr and Mrs ....

Chinese lanterns to wish upon, the instructions alone were enough to have you in 

Up, up and away!!

Happy 40th

Baz and Michelle

Setting up in the distance.

Here comes the groom .....

Had to wait a long time to get them all lined up :)

Here comes the bride.

You may kiss the bride, and let me tell you that was some kiss :) 

Future brides ....... probably planning their special day already

Mr and Mrs Rowland

Let's get this party started ............

"Free falling"

To a fantastic wedding.

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